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Never again will I be okay with paying almost $5 for rubbish-ridden supermarket houmous.

If you have a blender try this:

1 tin (400g) chickpeas

3-5 tbsp olive oil
Half / whole lemon (squeezed and to taste)
3-5 drops sesame oil OR 1.5 tbsp tahini OR 3 tsp sesame seeds (whatever is available)

1-2 cloves garlic (peeled & crushed)
Salt / pepper season to taste

Drain the chickpeas but keep the liquid.  Chuck it all into the blender with a tbsp or 2 of the chickpea water, then blend and add more liquid as necessary to achieve desired consistency.  Either keep back some olive oil and drizzle it over the finished dip or add more to the blender if you like it that way.  I love olive oil so I just put loads.   You can add cumin to give it a bit more spice, or parsley.  And the posh thing to do is keep a couple of chickpeas whole and add as garnish at the end 🙂

I found the tahini paste quite overpowering so would reduce the amount I add – but Tim loves it and says it’s perfect that way.  So … !

(Adapted from original recipe at