… it’s where you create it.”

A day “WWOOF”ing at Vowley Farm and an unusually easy introduction to farming with such a beautiful Spring day – not a cloud in the sky all day long and the sun really warm on the face as we mended the netted chicken fencing.  (10 useful knots). The most important thing I learned today, however, was that there actually are amazing people out there who are building community and not just believing in, but living their ideals.   Lorraine and Mark run a biodynamic farm in Wiltshire and couldn’t be more inspiring.  Read here for more on biodynamics.  The short story on biodynamics is that you work to harness the energy of the earth – e.g. you don’t kill weeds, but you feed the earth what it gains from the weeds so their growth is no longer required.  Vowley Farm have a fascinating story about a field once colonised by doc leaves, and after some processes involving spraying “doc leaf tea”, now almost completely clear.

This we know. The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.
All things are connected like the blood which unites us all.
Man did not weave the Web of Life, he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the Web, he does to himself.

Chief Seattle

(borrowed from the Vowley Farm website)