T E N … ways to SAVE FUEL


Some pointers from an article on today’s BBC news website:

1. (Obvious but …) make fewer journeys or combine journeys rather than popping out twice.  Share journeys with friends or neighbours where possible and safe.

2. Use alternative transport where possible: bike, walk, train.

3. Driver slower: depending on the car they say that the optimum speed for fuel consumption is between 50-55 mph.  Not ideal for motorway driving.  However, driving at 70 mph instead of 80 mph apparently reduces fuel consumption by 10%.

4. Make sure your tyres are full of air – put in a little more.

5. Fill the tank up only halfway – it keeps the car lighter and burns less fuel.

6. Keep the boot empty – again, a heavier car burns more fuel.

7. Use neutral and the handbrake at traffic lights or in traffic jams.

8. If you are stationary for more than 5 minutes, turn off your engine.   Starting your engine consumes about the same as running a stationary car for 3 minutes.

9. Drive more smoothly / at more constant speeds.  The more you press the accelerator the more fuel is running through the car – stop / start driving is heavy on fuel consumption.

10.  Avoid rush hour by leaving a bit earlier or later.


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